Paris Sluts Academy


PARIS SLUTS ACADEMY is an Hybrid revolutionary online training & Coaching Program for white bois & sissies wanting to be certified BBC sluts  including black supremacy & white slavery course, Sissyfication methodology, assignments and coaching chat & video sessions.

for whome ?

the academy is open for all : white sissies, bois, cd..etc who really knows their
place in the world, who totally assume it, and ready to cross the line to service
for real.

How to APPLY

The program is very serious, and there are subscription fees,  if you hesitate, still live in fantasy, jerking to porn
please don’t make loose my time. after the payment, you will receive your slavery contract to be signed and returned
If you are really interested and ready to join the BBC slut academy!

Send a motivation letter to :

Once your application is accepted by Mistress Paris, you will have to pay your subscription fees.

What happend once i’m accepted and paid the academic enroulement fees?

You will be asked to sign a slavery contract with Mistress Paris for the periode of the training, you will be trained by her,  owned by her and be one of her faithfull pets.

The Slut-academic program

  • Courses
    – Introduction to Black Supremacy
    -Introduction The new Black Order
    – Introduction to B.S.N (BBC sluts network)– History and futur of Interracial love
    – Rules of being a Black-owned slut
    -The 10 commandements of a BBC Slut
    – How to seduce and attract a Superior Black Man
    -BBC slut Dress Code
    -Loosing your BBC virginity
    -Promoting the life style
  • Assignments
    -Feminization & dressing coaching
    -Hypnotic Sissification
    -Achieving Sissy-gasme

Certification & Educative materials

  • At the end of the program, you will receive your BBC SLUT certificat &
    a PDF Book  “The Black Book: the ultimate guide for a BBC Slut”

Queen of spades MASTER Program

(Stopped temporary for Covid situation – available again summer 2021)

After finishing your BBC slut program, you will be able to apply for a Q.O.S MASTER PROGRAM that consiste of  3 days and nights of total Black lust in PARIS including :

– Servicing Mistress Paris Finest regular Black men

– Learning the ART of  Black whoring : bondage, BBC fetish and secret rituals to please your Black Masters

-The honor to serve BBC guided by your MISTRESS