Why @katrinablacked is my favorite QoS of the moment!

Hey hey bitches what’s up? i hope you are doing great! as you know your favorite Mistress love to share with you, some nice founds on the web, lately on twitter. Katrina Blacked seems in the start like another Queen of spades, but believe me she is not! Beside her natural generous body, made for the lust of Black males, her attitude is inspiring, she is such a powerful white woman who knows what she need and get it, she is also a very active Interracial and BBC promoter, she even has a podcast where she claims her love and passion for those big black cocks, so don’t loose more time and go...

June 7, 2020
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2 white sisters invite 2 Black guys home, this is what happend

Oh bitches, bitches, you still coming back for more good interracial shit and you know Mistress give you the most fresh, amateur and real BBC content here so you can realize how much those superior black cocks are invading our lives, pussies and fucking our wives and daughters who only dream about Black cocks! check this video from 2 white sisters who invited theyr black friends home, guess what happen next!

April 22, 2020
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Interview of a Blacked white couple: ” our happiness secret: BBC”

Miss Paris: Dear Amy and Lynn, i discovered your videos on xhamster and I instantly loved your conception of couple and  the way you guys are spicing up your couple and of course it’s include a lot of BBC! can you tell us about you ?how all this started? how and when was your first BBC experience? Amy & Lynn: my name is Amy and I’m crossdressing since 2001, Lynn is my Girlfriend and we both share love for hung black men! My first BBC experience was in 2012, I’ve been online horny, chatted with a Black guy and invited...

April 12, 2020
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Why i’m attracted to Hung BBW Black TS? actually why?

This question was actualy in my mind for many years, and before i decid to write an article about it, i’ve waited to experience this fantasy, i thought that having a sexual encounter with the lady of my dreams : a Dominant Hot Black BBW TS with a large BBC will help me explore this “strange (or maybe not ) obsession. Well, it was not possible until now, I live in France, and it’s really hard to find Black TS ladies who are into TV/CD without being escort girls, and i’m not too much into paying for sex. anyway i...

April 10, 2020
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My twitter feed will make you so HORNY #02

Yesterday my post my twitter feed will make you so HORNY was a hit! thank you guys 😍so i thought maybe i can keep entertain you with some kinky 100% pure Big Black cocks content, meanwhile, Mistress is preparing a series of new interviews that you gys will looooove! Keep it dirty bitches!

April 9, 2020
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