INTERVIEW: Me, 22 years old Straight Black Man, just had my First CD and i liked it”


More Superior Black Men are tempted by a Cd/TV experience, and we can easily know why : they are gorgeous, sexy, feminin and very devoted to Black Cocks, i had the chance to talk with this gorgeous young Black guy that confess about his attraction towards crossdressers and tv’s..enjoy our conversation!


Intro/ Q1: Dear Hot Black daddy ( yeah i decided to call you like this) , i’m really happy and honored to welcome you to my blog, can you introduce your self

Hello Paris, I’m doing well. You can call me by my fetlife name Ultra V or you can simply call me “Bill”.
Q2: first time ever with a white girl ?
My first time with a white girl was during my time in college when I was 19 years old. There was this girl in school who i knew through a guy. Me and him were not exactly friends more like acquaintances to one another. She kept trying to talk to me and I found it to be a bit surprising because I really made no attempts to speak to her. One day after I was pouring sweat coming out of my weight lifting class she wanted to give me a big ol’ hug. I found that to be a pretty good sign she liked me considering how sweaty i was at the time. Eventually I went ahead and gave her what she wanted. It was a great fling we had and eventually turned into a relationship that lasted a few years.
Q3: why  girls, wives and hubbies are so crazy about Black men and BBC ?
I believe that people are so entranced by BBC or black men because of the mystery behind it. There are tons of rumors and I think most people especially whites are discouraged from mingling with black men when they are younger. We become that mystery flavor that everyone wants to try. There is definitely a perceived power and dominance that others have when it comes to black people and of course the expectation of a larger than life penis. This can be tracked to slavery when whites were in awe of the genitalia of black men. We come off as powerful and strong and I think in sex most women and sissies want to be dominated.

Q4:  you are 22 years old , been with girls and one day you decided to try a CD/TV ..can you tell us how this happened?

Well I can say it started about the time I was 17 or so. I kept watching pornography online and I honestly at first found “shemale” pornography to be absolutely appalling. Over time that shock turned into curiosity and eventually somehow found its way to attraction. As I got deeper and deeper into it I realized that i was attracted to feminine features. It only took a person to appear woman-like for me to have that attraction. Eventually i developed a preference for more natural looks instead of the obvious plastic surgery you see in most “Shemale porn”. At that point i got into looking at traps/crossdressers. Eventually my curiosity was too powerful to ignore and i decided I would try it out or forever hold my peace haha.

Q5: how was your first CD experience?
My first CD experience went rather well and I have to admit I was extremely nervous about it. I had an expectation that it would be some sort of big step in the evolution of my sexuality and I might feel odd about it later because despite my attraction to CD’s I have never considered myself bi-sexual. Again that is going back to the fact that i’m attracted to feminine features and not masculine ones. I arrived at the home of the CD and I waited outside until the gurl was ready and came in and had a bit of wine and conversation. She was decent looking and semi-passable. I did a lot of things sort of figuring out what I did and did not like to do. One thing that holds true is I do not like having my ass played with. This CD tried but I quickly put an end to that. I really enjoyed the feeling of fucking an ass though. I love anal sex and knowing I would get nothing but anal is a really big bonus for me. That is a large factor in what drove my attraction to CD’s. At the end of it all she sucked me off and I came inside of her mouth. Not a bad ending to a new experience.
Q6: based on your last experience, how can you explain the difference between girls and CDs?
I would say the biggest difference I notice between CD’s and girls is there response to penetration and oral. In my experience with women they are much easier to read and they directly receive pleasure from penetration and do not require (although sometimes prefer) you to manually stimulate with your hands as well. This CD did enjoy the anal sex but I can tell that the same moves if used on a women would leave her in a euphoric state. But I think this is mostly due to my inexperience with sex with CD’s. It was simply the first time and I was using movements that work great on women but maybe less so for a CD. At the end of the day even though I am dominant I base how great the sex was off of how well i perform. I’m really a pleasurer so the more you squeal the more excited I get. One noticeable difference is that CD’s enjoy getting you the pleasure more than most women. Most women cannot concentrate on that when you bring them into orgasm and I never stop at one or two orgasms with women. My goal is usually to get somewhere around five or so. CD’s on the other hand seem preoccupied with making me cum which isn’t bad just a change of pace.
Q7: do you think you will go further with this curiosity ?
Yes I do think I will take my curiosity even further. I enjoyed the experience although it could have been better. I didn’t feel weird afterwards and was happy that I got laid that night. I am looking for more passable and better CDs going forward until I find the one that I really click with.
Q8: what do you think about all this fascination about BBC and Black Men, about those white bois loosing their wives, manhood to be sluts for Blacks?
I must say the obsession that I see for Black men by white bois is something that I did not expect. Even before I professed my attraction to CDs on numerous websites the majority of messages sent to me were from white men who wanted me to have sex with their wives or wanted to serve me as a sissy slut. I don’t really mind it. Everyone has their own thing and if I benefit from it have at it.
Q9: what you can say to Black Guys that are curious into CD/TV and never tried ?
For any other black man that is curious I would say just go out and try it. Be bold about it and just thrust yourself into the situation when you find one that is attractive to you. You won’t regret it and you wont get any weird feelings afterwards. I know a lot of us are afraid of that stigma of being a homosexual and think we’ll feel guilty afterwards but you won’t. And labelling sexuality in general is more harmful than good. I don’t think in terms of homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual. You like what you like. For me I like feminine things that can be CD’s or women. To me that isn’t gay at all it is simply having an attraction to feminine qualities.

Q10: do you believe that Black Men are sexually superior ?

What I will say is that we tend to have more rhythm and body control. I tell everyone “how can you be good at sex if you can’t dance”. We also have a different mentality when it comes to having sex. I feel that we are more confident and If white guys out there want to compete they are going to have to show that same level of confidence. With that said I cannot speak for other black men but I will say in my case I am a sexually superior individual. 

Video : 3 Hung Black men gang-banging a white fagg!

Bitches, welcome again to the blog..humm im sure you are at your office, bored, may be alone, and looking for a hot video to squeeze your lil pathethic clity and cum to some good black cock action ! so where we are, enjoy this really hot interracial action..

sissy paris

CDTiffany:”Black men exist to be honoured, worshipped and served”

one day i was surfing the net searching for some good news for the blog when i found by chance, i was curious, and i thought that it was another porn pay site, then i found out that it’s the personal website of Tiffany a Hot Uk CD, that is totally in love with BBC that gave her time and love to service, I had this chance to have this little hot talk with the Baddest Bitch in UK. enjoy
Sissy Paris: Dear Tiffany, i’m really happy and honored to welcome you to my personal blog and a space to promote Black supremacy, convert white wives, women, daughters and bois to serve ,a place for all the black owned bitches, BBC worshipers and for everyone who is in total love and devotion to the Superior Black Males.

i found your BLOG by chance, and i knew when i saw your video, servicing 4 big black cocks, that it’s not just a porn pro video or a casual sissy slut but a real and true queen of spades, a real BBC slut who is doing her job to please and service Dark Skinned men. tell us when and how you realize your place in the world, as a white BBC slut and since when are you servicing ?

Tiffany: Like many people, finding themselves in a place and time in their life to realise their TRUE existence is not immediate and can take time. I think I discovered my true self when my long time partner and I split up in 2006. It left me free and available to follow my true path in servitude to Black Males. Since 2006, I have been an exclusive , unpaid whore to Black men.
Sissy Paris: tell us about your first BBC experience ?
Tiffany: I do not like the term BBC when talking about Superior Black males. BBC means “Big Black Cock” and I do not think of Superior Black Males just as “cocks”. Also, for me , it does not matter if a black man has a 4 inch cock or a 14 inch cock. I am not a size queen. He is STILL superior whatever his cock size. My first experience with a Black man was at 13yrs of age. He was 36yrs of age and a co-worker of my father. He taught me to suck cock and after a while ,to take cock in my ass. Naturally , my father never knew of this.
Sissy Paris: Do you really believe in Black Supremacy?
Tiffany: I believe Black men have , or should have, the right to use any white hole that they wish to use. If you call that supremacy , then , yes.

Sissy Paris: what is the duty of a white women / boi ?

Tiffany: I have old-fashioned values, like back in the 50’s before “equality”. I believe a white sub should be in the home to make her Black Mans life easier. Cooking for him , cleaning making sure he has the most comfortable and easy home-life that he deserves. He should be able to make sexual demands AT ANY TIME without even considering the feelings of his sub. He should be able to use her whenever he wishes. If he desires to share her out to other black men , then so be it. If he decides to use other white subs , then she will not be jealous. If he wants to make money from her mouth and ass , then that is all good too. She is simply “property” to him and that’s the way it should be.

Sissy paris: your ultimate fantasy ?

Tiffany: There are so many….
If I were to name one it would probably be to be a housekeeper/slave to a boarding house of black men. There would be a steel collar welded to my neck. Welded to this would be a very long chain that reached up to the ceiling to join a “track” system. The track would run throughout the building and reach all corners. It would allow me to venture to every part of the building , to take care of the Black men’s needs , but it would not reach the front door. Therefore, I would be in permanent chained bondage and never be able to leave. My life would exist as a slave to these Black men, taking care of their domestic and sexual needs. They would also be free to bring Black friends from outside of the residence , who needed sexual servitude too. Day and night , my holes would be available to them. Outside of the building they know that they can still use other mouths, arses or pussies , but , they will know that if they are unsuccessful in their conquests that my holes would always be there , cleaned and lubed at all times, for their use.

Sissy Paris: if you have a teenage daughter who dates a white boi, what do you would tell her?

Tiffany: I would try and persuade her to date Blacks only. You cannot “force” anyone to take a certain path , they have to desire it themselves. It would be obvious in this situation that the daughter simply had not been exposed to the knowledge of Black Men’s supremacy. I would have to forgive her initial ignorance , then try to inform and educate her to put her on the one , true path.
Sissy Paris: is it important for you to promote IR life style, and convert more girls to serve ? why ?
Tiffany: It is very important . Black men exist to be honoured and worshipped and served. I do this myself in several different ways. Just one of the ways in which I do it IS to convert other tgirls and put them in my database. I then host parties for black men and provide 6-8 tgirls alongside myself , for the Black Men to use…. Free of charge. All I know and what my life is all about and getting the message out to Black Superiors that I am here to serve them .What is important to me is that I AM providing that service to Black men and it is just up to them to take advantage of me.
Sissy Paris: A lot of white bois are going black?

Tiffany: It can only be a good thing. They should be kept in chastity and not allowed to orgasm. They will have to learn to orgasm when a Black man stimulates their prostate when he is inside their ass hole. They will crave to orgasm and so have a craving for Black men to fuck them as often as possible.
Sissy Paris: what kind of tips you can give to a young BBC Slut like me, to better do her job?
Tiffany: Read all about sex tips and techniques , like giving head etc… on the internet and practice with dildos. Then , transfer your new found skills to a Black man and his cock , in person. Study porn movies and look at lapdancers and sluts and see the clothes that they wear , that turn Black men on and then go and buy them. Always dress like a slut for your Black man , like you are begging for sex , so that there is no doubt in his mind that you are an available slut for him to make use of.
Sissy Paris: with your long experience, can you tell us what kind of things can turn on a Black man, how to seduce and please him ?
Tiffany: The golden rule is , it is NEVER about yourself. It is ALL ABOUT HIM and his needs. So , the only advice I can give is to find out what HE WANTS. What his needs and desires are and what are his fantasies are. What are the things that he has always desired but has thought to “freeky” to bring up with a woman , for fear of rejection ? Re-assure him that he can tell you anything and that you will not be shocked or put off and that YOU will fulfil those needs for him. So , when I meet and serve a Black man , no one Black man is the same as the next. His visit is tailored to serve those needs and desires which HE has stated that HE wants fulfilled.
Sissy Paris: how can Black men reach you if they need some service ?
Tiffany: Black men may view me on my blog at and contact me directly at If they ever loose this information a simple “google” for “tiffanylondontv” or “bitch4black” will bring up hundreds of mentions and ways to contact me.
Sissy Paris: at last thanks for giving time to promote Black Supremacy, it’s such a icon for many sissies, what is your last word, what you can tell our readers?
Tiffany: Well , I am flattered that you call me an icon , but I don’t think of myself in that way. If others find reading about my lifestyle a help and a possible path that they can go down , well , then that is great. 
Unfortunately , it is not always possible for most to live a lifestyle as a true , full time sexual submissive to Black men. For many , things get in the way like family , work etc… 
I have been pro-active in organising my life so that I am free of many ties , which means that I am free to serve Black men whenever they demand. I also do it without strings , without expectations.
I have organised it so that I work in the mornings and then I am free to serve them from lunchtime onwards, for the rest of the day. It means my income is small , due to only working a few hours per day BUT it means that they benefit as it leaves me lots of free time to serve them. So , financially , I DO sacrifice myself in order to exist as a sex slave to Black Superiors. Also, they know they can use me whenever they need to and just walk away until the next time they may need me. That might be in a week , a month , a year or 10 years. All they need to know is that I am here as a permanent fixture for them to use me.
My only regret is , financially I have to limit myself to serving in my home , in London, U.K.
I am very open to the notion though that if any Black man or Groups of Black men, who need my sexual slavery for a weekend or a week or so , are willing to pay for my transportation to their town, city or country (worldwide) then I would be there for them.

Enslaved Hot cd’s Gallery!

we crossdresser, we know we can offer the best service ever for our holy black masters, isn’t sisters? oh yeah, we are the baddest bitches ever when it comes to serve, worship big black cocks! we know how to dress to please our black masters, and we know how and what they like! Black men like bad bitches with hot faces, sexy red lips and phat asses and hot feminine booties! here is the proof that sometimes even girls can’t compete with us, love to all the bad cds in the place!!

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