black supremacy

how to be a good white Sissy in the New Black Order

“White Men” don’t exist anymore “why dating white bois when you know that even them are going Black? ” can you answer an argument like this ? of course no bitches, because the fact that you are on my blog means that you are secretly ( or not ) into Black Men, oh yes  we don”t know  if we can actually  keep saying “white men”. the truth is here on this blog and everywhere, more and more white “bois”  are fed up with this impossible competition with Real Men and their Huge chocolate cocks, tired of this fake pressure, to...

November 24, 2015
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It’s my Birthday and Someone already send me a gift :)

Hey bitches, it’s been a while, i was traveling all over Europe without having the time ta lot for o post anything on your favorite blog, hopefully im back and will share with you my new adventures soon, i wanted also to thank you a lot, really 1 million thanks for your very kind emails and inspiring stories that make me realise why i’m doing this, you guys are amazing, keep letting your desires rise, follow your fantasies and live the life you want to live, life is short 🙂 Today is my birthday bitches!! yea, yeah! and a good...

August 1, 2015
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Spotlight::: CockWhore Carolin, Mistress’s new German pet!

Hi bitches, as you know, i’m running my  Academy for BBC sluts wannabes for more then 3 years now, 3 years that ive spent training young and old white sissies that finally understood their role in this life, and embrace the Black Cock Religion, during those years, i’m really, really  proud of the work we did together, starting from a simple frustrated white bois jerking on BBC videos to accomplished feminine BBC sluts, serving within our world wide growing network “The B.S.N” (BBC sluts Network) Today, exceptionally i will introduce to you my new trainee, Sissy Faggot Carolin , a...

July 19, 2015
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celebrities gone Black: “Caitlyn” Ex-Bruce jenner Blacked!!!

IT HAPPENED!! Caitlyn Jenner Is DATING A BLACK MAN . . . Now All The Kardashian Women . . . Are Dating BROTHAS!!! It’s no secret that the Kardashian ladies like Black men. Now it appears that they ALL ARE CURRENTLY DATING BLACK MEN. Yesterday Caitlyn Jenner was seen stepping out in LONDON for dinner with friends. Caitlyn was seen heading to Les Ambassadeurs Casino and Restaurant with a MALE COMPANION. She appeared to be on a date. Kourtney is dating Quincy Combs, Kendall is dating A$AP Rocky, Kris is dating Corey Gamble, Khloe is dating Trey Songz, Kylie is...

AFRICAN HEAT MADNESS WEEK DAY 4 : Daddy witth Monster BBC destrying a boy pussy!

it’s been a long time that you are checking out your old Black Teacher, wondering how big is his Cock, wondering if they says right, about Black men’s monster dicks… its the end of the day, and you are scared and afraid because he asked you to stay after the class for a small talk, your heart is beating fast, you are are fucking scraed, but in the same time, your dicky is so hard that you can’t think about other things, and than the revelation, your first time with a man..a real man a Black Man.. enjoy Queen P

May 11, 2015
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