Humiliation &Pride: The secret life of White Sissy faggots

A Sissy Faggot is a funny pet, with very simple sexual needs and desires but as complex as a woman, submission is an important context where sissy faggots live in continuous evolution, this context became more important because most sissies have a double life, a regular one where they pretend to be “straight” : single, married or dating women and a second life as a depraved queer slut. In general, sissies are discreet about their “real” slut being, they say they want a hot blonde with a big breast, while they are secretly dreaming to becoming her. They they officially...

March 28, 2021
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#StayHome & Watch BBC PORN

Hey bitches! i hope you doing fine amidst the crazyness of the last weeks, please take care of your self and for the love of gosh, STAY HOME! i know it’s hard tho, but Mistress is here to help you! hum! what makes you litlle perv pigs stuck infront of your screens, not wanting to have a social life? PORN of course and BBC Porn in particular right?! Mistress Paris prepared for you a playlist of the hottest, kinkiest and latest BBC porn videos to watch, re-watch, to stay home safe and wank your little pee wees! check this out!

April 2, 2020
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